XMLProbe is a commercial software package for running business rules against XML content to ensure that content meets its users' quality expectations. It can dramatically reduce the amount of human intervention and erroneous processing in XML-based publishing workflows.

What users have said to us:

left quotation markIn a commercial environment where content validation is important, XMLProbe makes sense because it saves time and effort.right quotation mark

Eric Connor, Head of Knowledge Systems, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

left quotation mark… it is a bit scary to see how many problems it is finding! I can only hope the editors spotted them when they were proofing.right
              quotation mark

name and company withheld

left quotation markGriffin Brown were instrumental in the successful implementation of The validation project 'Phase-1' for Blackwell Publishing Ltd. They provided the heart of the system which was the validation rules engine, which unlike many products in the software industry today proved a very good 'fit for purpose' solution. Their chosen technology (XML-based) was open, flexible and very scalable—all the qualities needed in software to enable Blackwell's business to change with minimum impact on the supporting software systems architecture.right quotation mark

Alan Bacon, Head of Production Services, Blackwell Publishing Ltd

left quotation markWith Wiley's XML-first objective, it's hard to overstate the importance of accurate tagging. Any markup errors have the potential to damage all of the presentations (print, online, derivative products) now and in the future.right quotation mark

John Pedersen, Associate Director, Content Systems Integration, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

left quotation markCambridge University Press is acquiring XML for all of its academic books and journals and, in the process, is accumulating huge quantities of structured data. Careful planning of XML coding and application of appropriate methods of quality assurance are essential to avoid accumulation of correspondingly large amounts of rubbish.right quotation mark

Rod Mulvey, Director of Digital Services, Cambridge University Press

The unfortunate fact is that XML validation systems based only on DTD or W3C XML Schema are completely inadequate when:

Now - doing something effective about XML data quality

An efficient XML-aware QA system does not have to involve expensive bespoke development. With XMLProbe it is possible to put an effective and flexible XML quality assurance system quickly in place within any data management structure.

With XMLProbe you can:

Strategic benefits …

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